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GBarrick: A User's Guide

George Barrick, g_barrick_at_walsh_dot_edu

Who am I?


Projects/Interests: Outdoors

Projects/Interests: Science

What am I?

Work-life in 2000's = very competitive

You find out that college is:

  1. john Not at all like hanging with John Belushi.
  2. don Also not at all like spending time with Don Trump.

  3. A lot like working your tail-end off.

  4. Nothing at all like it was for George Barrick.

  5. All of the above.

What will you adapt to?


A person can live a happy and prosperous life, and never know (or care) anything about mathematics.

So, you're here to pass your math./physics class . . . .

How will you ever survive mathematics/statistics/physics???


You need to do some math.

Try not to feel like an idiot

Work through me idiot phase to get it right second time